Begleiter German Shepherds

Meet Natasha Angelic Heart

Meet Boris Brave Heart

2017 will bring a new female for our family and breeding.

Until then Boris will be available as a stud

Copyright Begleiter German Shepherds

Copyright Begleiter German Shepherds

Copyright Begleiter German Shepherds

 German Shepherds are a special breed and we are passionate about raising GSD's who are quality bred and raised. Each German Shepherd has a job it's wanting to do and needs the right family to help it work at its best! Whether that is as a family pet, a working dog, an agility dog, service dog or something else.

Begleiter is German for companion, escort or attendant. 

We feel this is an excellent description of our German Shepherds

Welcome, German Shepherd lovers!

Our  GSD's are part of our family and we are dedicated to making sure our puppies go to individuals who will make them part of their families. Check out our latest litter and make one of them one of yours.

Boris was born June 2, 2013 in Iowa. He comes from a great lineage with his grandfather being a police dog. Boris is a gentle giant who is very people oriented and gets along with just about every animal he meets. He has a personality that you just can't help but love.

 Tasha was born on December 1, 2012 in Northern Minnesota. She is very energetic, playful and talkative. She loves watching TV,  playing fetch and  loves to swim. At night she loves to cuddle and has the softest fur you have ever felt. Her intelligence and drive sometimes amaze us. 

Tasha is no longer available for breeding

Meet Boris

Brave Heart